ITF Beach tennis Wave circuit

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) introduces for the first year a new world professional circuit – “Wave series”. The goal is to professionalize this emerging sport worldwide. After the first tournament of the year in Monopoli, Italy, Pattaya hosts two tournaments at the Greta Sport Club, the largest arena of Beach Tennis in Asia. The

The 4th Agel world tour Soft Tennis Tournament from 8th to 10th of June.

Soft tennis is an Asian Games sport since the 1994 edition. It was featured at the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing, China, as a demonstration sport. The 4th Agel world tour soft tennis tournament was a preparation for Thai national team for the next Asian Game. Greta Sport Club wishes good luck to the Thailand

Greta Sport Club and AC International Beach Tennis (Academy and Coaching)

Greta Sport Club and AC International Beach Tennis (Academy and Coaching) open the first Beach Tennis Academy in Thailand on May 2017. Greta Sport Club has 9 Beach Tennis courts in Pattaya, 3 certified instructors and organizes regular ITF Beach tennis tournaments. AC International Beach Tennis is an international academy and coaching of beach tennis

Greta Sport Club

Greta Sport Club is a beautiful club house and 6 indoor tennis courts at Pattaya in Thailand, each one is completely covered by a roof to maximise the use of a tennis court by protecting the players from the sun and a too strong light to read the trajectory of the ball. The courts are